Sheffield NOW enables young people to have increased control over their own lives and learning. By directing our projects, young people develop the confidence to believe they have a valuable role to play in shaping their environment. In schools and youth clubs, parks and countryside, streets and public spaces, young people are encouraged to investigate how they relate to their environment. They are motivated and build skills through exploring common issues using hands-on methods, such as gameplaying, mapping, experimenting, and gain a sense of value as they realise solutions through a brief, design or change in their environment.

We aim to:

  • EXPLORE: encourage young people, and their families and communities, to creatively explore spaces and places
  • CONNECT: bring young people, and their families and communities, together through shared design experiences
  • INSPIRE: inspire young people, and their families and communities, to think differently about the use and design of spaces and places
  • CHANGE: support young people, and their families and communities, to change the spaces and places that matter to them

Our projects fit into four areas of work:

  • Design: We design and deliver tailor-made programmes that involve young people in planned design projects.
  • Change: We support young people to lead a process of enquiry, framed around a common issue, resulting in a change to their environment.
  • Learn: We facilitate workshops for young people to learn different subject areas and skills through using their environment as a learning resource.
  • Research: We conduct research to explore ways to enable young people始s involvement in issues affecting their everyday lives.

Please get in touch with us to find out more about us and how we can support you, your school, company, youth club, community group or anything else you may be involved in: [email protected]